Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member? That’s awesome! If you are a woman 18+ living in the Hill Country or Highland Lakes area, we would love to have you.

I’d love to join, but I’m short on time and money…

It’s true, membership is a commitment to donate $100 to the winning local charity of each meeting, but don’t worry:

  • We only meet 4 times a year. If you set aside just $35 a month, you’d have more than enough for each meeting!
  • There are no club dues. We are a non-profit, non-entity–we don’t have a bank account, or any board of directors. All of your money goes to the non-profits.
  • At our meetings, you’ll be able to mix and mingle with some of the community’s foremost leaders and foundations, all for the great cause of just plain #hillcountrylove.
  • Psssst! Our meetings are formal but fun! Just a bunch of women getting together to eat, drink a little wine, and listen to some heartwarming stories to help others.

Do I have to make a commitment?

Yes, as a member you commit to making four quarterly donations of $100 to the non-profits chosen by the majority.  You can withdraw at anytime by contacting us. But you cannot join and then simply NOT participate.

Am I required to attend every meeting?

We would love to have you at each meeting but understand if you can not attend. If you cannot attend a meeting, please honor your commitment by sending a check with a friend, or dropping it off securely at the meeting place.