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Next Meeting will be April 23, 2020

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Who We Are

The neat thing is, we don’t technically exist. We are a non-entity, non-profit organization. No directors, no presidents, no board members or treasurers, and no bank account. We have no operating budget, because our members write their checks directly to the recipient charity.  “We”, collectively, are just a group of gals getting together four times a year because we care about The Highland Lakes.  Our core group of organizers are simply volunteers generously donating their time to make a difference.

Inspired by our local 100 Man Give a Damn group, the goal of 100 Chicks for Charity is to support our local charities, raise awareness about the wonderful work they’re doing while simultaneously building and encouraging community growth.

How it all works

As part of our commitment to a healthy, heartfelt community, we invite 3 non-profits serving the Highland Lakes area to make a 5 minute presentation about who they are, what they are doing in the community, and how our group donation would make a difference for those whom they serve.

  • After the presentations, each person votes (secretly!) for the non-profit that they would like to see receive the group donation. Votes are tallied, and the non-profit with the most votes will receive the night’s proceeds!

100 women X $100 each – that’s $10,000 to one local non-profit organization in just one hour – now THAT’s an impact!

  • While ballots are counted, last meeting’s chosen non-profit provides an update to our members as to how the donation was/is being used and the impact it is making.
  • When votes are counted all members must write out their checks to the charity with the most votes–no exceptions.
    • Multiple checks are great! The winning non-profit must get at least $100 from you, but you may donate as much as you like to them or to any other non-profit in attendance.


Joseph’s Hammer – July 25, 2019 – http://www.josephshammer.org

Harth Foundation – May 2, 2018 – http://harthtx.org

Mission Marble Falls Soup Kitchen – January 31, 2019 – https://www.missionmarblefalls.com/

      The Helping Center – October 25, 2018  – http://helpingcenter.org/

     Open Door Recovery House – August 30, 2018 – http://www.opendoorrecovery.net

Remember, the winning charity at a 100 Chicks for Charity meeting, will not be eligible to receive any further funds from us for two (2) full years!

The Rules

  1. The guys have their club, and now we have ours! Ladies only, gents. Gentlemen who would like to contribute may visit 100ManGiveADamn.Org
  2. When you sign up to be a member of 100 Chicks for Charity, you’ve made a commitment to offer your time and money to the non-profit whose hard work has caught our attention. You must attend every meeting prepared to donate to the winning charity.
  3. Meetings are diligently conducted in one hour or less (with ample opportunity for networking at a happy hour prior to each meeting), and each presentation is only 5 minutes of your time!
  4. Members who cannot attend must ensure their $100 check or cash (in a sealed envelope) reaches a friend attending or the meeting organizers before the meeting starts.
  5. REPEAT: If you miss a meeting, please send your check with a buddy!
  6. There is no proxy voting.
  7. Members who attend will vote by secret ballot for one of the three presenting organizations. Ties are decided by coin flips, and the winning non-profit gets $10,000 on the spot!
  8. Members who did not vote for the selected organization must still make their donation to the non-profits voted on by the majority of those in attendance. Multiple donations are allowed and encouraged! If more than one non-profits plucked your heart strings, by all means, send them your love.
  9. Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the winning non-profit and any others to which they make a donation.
  10. Organizations under consideration must serve The Highland Lakes area and must also provide individual tax receipts directly to http://www.100chicksforcharity.org.
  11. The selected organization must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.
  12. The recipient non-profit is not eligible to be nominated/presented for 2 (two) years. The other two non-profits may be nominated again following the next meeting. Additional non-profit eligibility criteria can be found on our referral page.
  13. At the following meeting, the winning non-profit will provide an update to our members as to how the donation was or is currently being used, as well as the impact that it is making.

Just one hour can make a difference, and we hope that you’ll join us and contribute, either as a member, a presenter, or just someone who offers us a referral!